Magnetic Healing

This is a form of Pranic Healing in which either the sick person or some “healer” sends an increased supply of Prana to the affected parts.

Pranic healing really accompanies nearly every other form of healing, although its use is not suspected by those administering it. In what is known as “Magnetic Healing” the operator passes his hand over the body of the sick person, and by an effort of will, or strong desire, generates within himself a strong supply of Prana which he passes out to the patient.

This Prana acts as would a supply sent from the system of the patient himself, and tends to strengthen and invigorate the afflicted part of the body and to cause it to function normally. In Magnetic Healing the hands are usually passed over the body, the actual touch usually being employed. We have given general directions regarding this form of healing in “Science of Breath,” and may, some day, issue a little manual on the subject, giving specific directions. We will give some general directions at the close of this lesson, if space permits. We have said so much about Prana in previous lessons, and in “Science of Breath” that the student should be able to understand the principle behind this form of healing, without much more explanation.