Mesmerism explained, with instructions regarding self-protection and warnings against misuse of the Power

We will now consider the third form of Psychic Influence, which is known as Mesmerism, Hypnotism, etc. We can merely touch upon that subject here, as its varied forms and phenomena would fill books, if spread out.

But we think we can make it clear to you in a few words, as you have followed our thoughts in this and the preceding lessons. The first thing to remember is that Mesmerism or Hypnotism is but a combination of the two methods just mentioned, plus a greater amount of Prana projected with the Personal Suggestion or Thought Wave. In other words, the Suggestion or Thought Wave becomes charged with Prana to a greater degree than is ordinarily the case, and becomes as much stronger than the ordinary suggestion or thought-wave, as a thought-form is stronger than an ordinary thought-wave.

In short, mesmerism or hypnotism is practically the bathing of the person in a flow of thought-forms, kept stimulated and active by a constant supply of Prana, which has in such cases often been called “the mesmeric fluid.” And, another thing to remember is that no person can be mesmerized or hypnotised unless his Instinctive Mind is unguarded or without its proper master, unless the person agrees to be mesmerized and actually consents to it. So that, in the end, it comes down to the fact that no person need be mesmerized or hypnotised unless he is willing or unless he believes that he may be, which is the same thing in the end.

Mesmerism has its uses in the hands of the advanced occultist who understands its laws, but in the hands of those ignorant of its proper use it is a thing to be avoided. Be careful about allowing yourself to be hypnotised by the ignorant pretender. Assert your own power, and you may accomplish for yourself all that anyone else can, on the same plane.

We have, in the brief space at our disposal, touched upon the various forms of Psychic Influence, and may have an opportunity at some future time of going deeper into the subject with you. But we trust that we have said enough to give you at least a general knowledge of the subject, and have at the same time given you a timely warning and caution. We will conclude by saying something to you about the “I” consciousness and its development, which we trust you will read with the attention it merits, and will put into practice that which is indicated.

There is, of course, a still higher form of consciousness than the “I” consciousness – the spiritual consciousness which causes one to be aware of his relation to, and connection with, the source of all power. And those possessing this higher consciousness are far beyond the influence of Psychic Influence of others, for they are surrounded with an aura which repels vibrations on a lower plane. Such do not need the “I” consciousness, as it is included in their higher consciousness.

But those on the mental plane of development (and but few of us have progressed further) will find it well to develop and unfold their consciousness of the “I” – the sense of individuality. You will be aided in this by carrying in mind, and meditating often, that you are a real thing – that you are an Ego – a bit of the Universal Life set apart as an individual that you may work out your part of the Universal Plan, and progress to higher forms of manifestation.

That YOU are independent of the body, and only use same as an instrument – that YOU are indestructible, and have eternal life – that YOU cannot be destroyed by fire, water or anything else which the physical man looks upon as a thing which will “kill” him – that no matter what becomes of your body YOU will survive. YOU are a soul, and have a body. (Not that you are a body having a soul, as most persons think and act upon.) Think of yourself as an independent being, using the body as a convenience.