Pranic Aura

The Aura of the third principle, or Prana, is difficult to describe except to those who have seen the “X-Ray.” It looks something like a vapory cloud of the color and appearance of an electric spark. In fact, all manifestations of Prana resemble electric light or sparks.

Prana has a faint rosy tint when it is in or near the body, but loses this hue as it gets a few inches away. Persons of psychic sight see plainly the spark-like particles of Prana being shaken from the fingertips of persons giving so-called “magnetic treatments” or making mesmeric passes. It may also be seen by many persons who make no claims of psychic sight, to whom it appears like heated air arising from a stove or from the heated ground, that is to say, as a colorless something pulsating and vibrating.

This pranic Aura is sometimes drawn away from a healthy strong person by a weak person who is lacking in vitality and who draws away from the strong one that which is needed by the weak one. In cases of this kind, the person drawn upon without his consent will experience a feeling of languor and lassitude after being in the company of the person who has absorbed a share of his vitality. In “Science of Breath,” under the head “Forming an Aura,” we have given a method whereby one may render himself immune to this form of vampirism, conscious or unconscious.

This method, while given in the book for another purpose, is equally efficacious in this in stance. A stronger effect may be produced by forming a mental image of an Auric shell through which no force can escape or no outside influence enter without one’s own consent. One may in this way also guard himself against infection from sources which might seriously affect him unless so protected.

The pranic Aura is also poured out in mesmeric passes or psychic “treatments” of the sick, but in such cases the trained operator regulates the flow and takes the trouble to replenish the supply of prana within his system, which will generate and emanate a constant flow of pranic Aura. We need not dwell upon these points, as they are fully described in “Science of Breath,” which book will be read with a new light by the student who reads and thinks over what we have said about this feature of the Human Aura.

The little book in question was written for the general public, who, while they will receive much benefit from it, cannot read from it the meaning which becomes perfectly clear to the student as he passes. from stage to stage of these lessons. The little book, simple and unpretentious as it is, has many things hidden away in it which may only be read by the one who is able to understand. The student is advised to reread the little book from time to time and notice how many things he finds in it which he never before discovered.