You all understand this. It is that aspect of your make-up that enables you to make your mind and body obey you. The true principle of Will is closely interlocked with the “I am I” as I have already explained it.

Resolve at the start to do one thing once in 24 hours that you would do if you were not afraid. Face fear and it is your slave. Your Will-power enables you to prove things practically to yourself and to the world; to make actions match-thoughts. Give your Will much exercise in the right direction. Without Will a man is no better than a log of wood. Keep your Will strong by auto-suggestion and exercise.

Try the powers of your Will on your personality till you can do anything and be anything. Say “I can and I will” in a thousand different ways and prove it too. The requisite qualities that form valuable adjuncts to Will-power are: 1. Determination. 2. Stick-to-it-ive-ness. 3. Perseverance. 4. Invincible and indomitable courage. 5. Non-attachment. 6. Faith in yourself. 7. Faith in God. 8. I can and I will. Repeat this affirmation often till it becomes a constant mental trait.


1. I am fearless. I am full of courage. There is nothing to fear. I say courage, I think, I act courage.

2. Courage is my distinct and leading trait. Everyone knows me as a man of Indomitable courage. The criticisms and opinions of others cannot affect me the least.

3. I am part of the Divine Self. I harm none. My nature knows no harm. Hence no harm comes to me.

4. I am equal to anything. Nothing can crush my spirit. I can face everything. I can face everybody.

5. My powers of resistance are strong, strong, strong. I use them never for the aggression of others. They are for my self-defence.

6. I am absolutely fearless morally and physically.

7. I stand for absolute truthfulness and justice and manifest them in myself.

8. Work with this affirmation. Strongly implant it in your mind. The use of strong, positive Affirmation in the Silence is valuable in that it gives you a firm hold of your thought so that you can “carry the thought” mentally. The value of expressing thought in act and speech lies in this that it clinches your thought into a permanent habit.

Remember this psychologic axiom: 1. Thoughts take form in action. 2. Action induces thought and corresponding habits. Therefore act out the part physically. If you want a courageous mind–“act out” the part physically, in your daily life, on suitable occasions, in all earnestness as you would in a theatre or drama. In a very short time it shall become a confirmed habit. Force yourself to it. Take an interest in what you do and say. Have confident expectations of SUCCESS. Never be daunted and cowed down by initial difficulties and failures. Never say die. If you go down–don’t remain lying and moaning. Never, I say, never. Get up. Shake yourself up free and say, like the royal lion “Come one, come all, this rock shall fly sooner from its base than I.” Have a will of your own and be a force for good. Exercise your Will-power. Be something. Do something.