A timely lesson upon an important subject

Cultivate the feeling of immortality and reality, and you will gradually begin to realize that you really exist and will always exist, and Fear will drop from you like a discarded cloak, for Fear is really the thought weakening the ill-guarded Instinctive Mind – once get rid of Fear, and the rest is easy.

We have spoken of this matter in “Science of Breath,” under the title of “Soul Consciousness,” on page 70. In the same book, on page 61, under the title “Forming an Aura,” we have hinted at a plan whereby weak and fearful persons may protect themselves while they are building up a sure foundation of self-confidence and strength.

The affirmation or mantram which has proven of more benefit than any other in these cases is the positive assertion of “I AM,” which expresses a truth and tends to a mental attitude which is taken up by the Instinctive Mind and renders it more positive to others, and less liable to be affected by suggestions, etc. The mental attitude expressed by “I AM” will surround you with a thought aura, which will act as a shield and a protection, until such time as you have fully acquired the higher consciousness, which carries with it a sense of self confidence and assurance of strength.

From this point you will gradually develop into that consciousness which assures you that when you say “I,” you do not speak only of the individual entity, with all its strength and power, but know that the “I” has behind it the power and strength of the Spirit, and is connected with an inexhaustible supply of force, which may be drawn upon when needed. Such a one can never experience Fear – for he has risen far above it. Fear is the manifestation of weakness, and so long as we hug it to us and make a bosom friend of it, we will be open to the influences of others. But by casting aside Fear we take several steps upward in the scale, and place ourselves in touch with the strong, helpful, fearless, courageous thought of the world, and leave behind us all the old weaknesses and troubles of the old life.

When man learns that nothing can really harm him, Fear seems a folly. And when man awakens to a realization of his real nature and destiny, he knows that nothing can harm him, and consequently Fear is discarded. It has been well said, “There is nothing to fear, but Fear,” and in this epigram is concealed a truth which all advanced occultists will recognize. The abolishing of Fear places in the hands of Man a weapon of defense and power which renders him almost invincible. Why do you not take this gift which is so freely offered you? Let your watchwords be: “I AM.” “I AM FEARLESS AND FREE.”