A Yoga DVD Provides Three Different Levels Of Expertise

Yoga used to be the kind of thing someone’s eccentric aunt did – a woman with a braid wrapped around her head who entertained the children by putting her foot behind her neck.

I tried screening many different videos and DVD’s to understand what is going on. My conclusion was that all yoga postures taken together create what might be likened to a combustion chamber in which energy is ignited and released.

A Yoga DVD Provides Three Different Levels Of Expertise

Yoga DVD’s are hosted by knowledgeable yoga experts that guide the listener through the series of exercises. The instructional DVD’s will be intended for different skill levels from beginner to advanced and something to challenge nearly everyone.


Choosing the right yoga DVD to begin with is as simple as looking for the words beginner on the packaging. Choosing an AM/PM regiment for beginners or a total body yoga program would probably be best for people who have never taken a yoga class. These types of yoga DVD’s will teach the basic poses making learning more advanced yoga techniques possible.

Other choices for beginner yoga DVD’s include those for back support, weight loss, stomach sculpting, children, and seniors. Each instructor uses a calming well paced voice to lead the listener through yoga stretches and poses, helping them to make the essential, body mind connection. Some yoga DVD’s have different sections within them, which will allow the person learning yoga to use a more difficult variation of their routine as they become stronger. They also have an advanced routine with the same poses teaching the person how to gradually advance their flexibility and stamina.


Intermediate yoga DVD’s are intended for people who already know many of the basic yoga poses and are fit and limber enough to not be challenged by beginner exercises any longer. Intermediate DVD’s will have challenging poses that will deeply stretch the muscles and can help over all health. Yoga DVD’s are intended to bring the health benefits of yoga to anyone who is interested in learning the art form. Power yoga is a combination of cardiovascular exercises and intermediate to advanced yoga poses that give the entire body a feeling of wellness and exhilaration.


Advanced yoga DVD’s are intended to challenge people who have been working at the intermediate level long enough to need deeper stretches and to learn more exercise and relaxation techniques. Some Advanced yoga DVD’s will give the person practicing yoga the skill-set to create their own routine. Some of these forms can include yoga trance dancing, total body power yoga, and complete body yoga routines. Most of these allow the individuals to express themselves by combining their yoga poses in different combinations.

Yoga DVD’s can be a fun and easy way to learn yoga, supplement yoga lessons, continue learning yoga in between locations when traveling or moving to a new city or state. Yoga is a fun, relaxing way to exercise the body and mind. People all over America are using yoga to be more physically fit and to escape from the daily stress of a fast paced life.

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