Annamaya kosa

In the material body, which is called the “sheath of food” (anna-maya kosa), reign the elements earth, water, and fire, which are those presiding in the lower Cakras, the Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Mani-pura centres.

The two former produce food and drink, which is assimilated by the fire of digestion, and converted into the body of food. The indriyas are both the faculty and organs of sense. There are in this body the material organs, as distinguished from the faculty of sense.

In the gross body (sarira-kosa) there are six external kosas – viz., hair, blood, flesh, (1) which come from the mother, and bone, muscle, marrow, from the father.

The organs of sense (indriya) are of two kinds, viz.: jnanendriyas or organs of sensation, through which knowledge of the external world is obtained (ear, skin, eyes, tongue, nose); and karmendriya or organs of action, mouth, arms, legs, anus, penis, the functions of which are speech, holding, walking, excretion, and procreation.

1. The Prapanca-Sara (chap. ii) gives sukla (semen) instead of mamsa (flesh).