Anusara Immersion program

The Anusara Immersion program is intended to give power to yoga practice through attentive study, practice and dialogue. The Anusara Immersion is a flight into the lessons of Anusara Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation). The Anusara Immersion is perfect for those that desire to research the mystery and deep practices of Anusara yoga.

The Anusara Immersion is intended to give a firm foundation of useful understanding for all serious practitioners of Anusara Yoga, and especially for those Anusara yoga students who wish to go through the teacher training.

The course of an Anusara Immersion prepares the yoga student fully on all levels: improves the understanding of Anusara Yoga, gives experience on the path, and helps to build up the necessary self-assurance to become a teacher of this complicated system of yoga.

Anusara Yoga – Grace Flow – is a complex and well-designed, system of yoga based on sound biomechanics and non-dual Tantric philosophy. It intertwines together the many faces of yoga into a unified whole that celebrates the heart and respects the body. Anusara Yoga, developed by John Friend, highlights the Universal Principles of Alignment to ensure safety in the poses and to create balance in the body and mind.

The new curriculum John Friend has developed for Anusara Immersions consists of 108 hrs and can be divided into three phases.
The first phase includes:

  1. A thorough exploration of the Universal Principles of Alignment with and introduction to the use of props
  2. Basic Anusara Yoga philosophy overview, Fundamentals of Practice, Ethical Precepts, Basics of Studentship and Overview of the History of Yoga
  3. Elemental anatomy and anatomy of the breath
  4. Fundamental pranayama, meditation, and contemplation
  5. Introduction to all the Anusara’s Level 1 poses

The second phase includes:

  1. A complete review of the Universal Principles of Alignment and Level 1 Syllabus
  2. A plunge into the more subtle aspects of the Universal Principles of Alignment
  3. Introduction to Asana sequence
  4. Intermediate pranayama, meditation, and contemplation
  5. Continued Anusara Philosophy including the Tattvas, the Elements, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Studentship on the path
  6. Kinesiology and subtle body anatomy (kundalini, chakras, nadis & koshas)
  7. An introduction to Anusara’s Level 2 Syllabus

The third includes:

  1. A complete review and exploration of the Principles and Level 1&2
  2. A more exhaustive exploration of the subtle aspects of the Universal Principles of Alignment
  3. Intermediate/advanced pranayama, contemplation and specific meditation techniques
  4. The Bhagavad Gita and the integration of Karma, Jnana & Bhakti Yoga
  5. Kinesiology of main muscle groups