Aura of the Three Mental Principles

We now approach the most interesting features concerning the Human Aura, and we think that some of the facts to be stated in this lesson will be a revelation even to many who are perfectly familiar with the three manifestations of the Aura which we have just mentioned.

Some may doubt many of the statements which will be made, but we beg to say to such people that they have the means at their disposal to develop and unfold psychic powers of a sufficient degree to see these things for themselves as thousands of others before them have done. Nothing of the occult teachings need remain hidden to any one who doubts. Every one may enter the occult world for himself – providing he pays the price of attainment, which price is not of gold or silver, but of the renunciation of the lower self and the devotion to that which is highest in man.

Some, it is true, break into the psychic world without having fitted and purified themselves by the proper methods, but to such the acquired faculties are a curse rather than a blessing, and such are compelled to retrace their steps with much suffering until they enter in by the right door, the key of which is readily found by all who seek for it in the proper spirit. To return to the higher manifestations of the Human Aura, we again call your attention to the fact that the Aura is seen by the psychic – observer as a luminous cloud, nearly oval in shape, extending from two feet to three feet in all directions from the body. It does not terminate abruptly, but gradually fades into faintness until it disappears entirely.

It really extends quite a distance beyond its visible point. It presents the appearance of a luminous cloud of constantly shifting colors, certain colors, however, being predominant in each person, from reasons which we will consider in a few moments. These colors originate from certain mental states of the person whom the Aura surrounds. Each thought, emotion, or feeling is manifested by a certain shade or combination of colors belonging to that particular thought, emotion, or feeling, which color or colors manifest themselves in the Aura of that particular mental principle in which the thought, emotion, or feeling naturally originates, and are of course visible to the observer studying the composite Aura of the thinker.

The developed psychic may read the thoughts of a person as he can the pages of an open book, providing he understands the language of the Auric colors, which, of course, all developed occultists do, although the person who stumbles accidentally into the psychic world on rare occasions will see nothing but the reflection of wonderful colors appearing in a luminous cloud, the meaning of which is not known to him.