Student, I have indicated the lines along which you are to seek the way to Spiritual Independence. I cannot run your life-affairs, solve your life-problems, do your work for you. I have pointed out a few principles, observe, think and complete your knowledge. You must climb the steps of the ladder of attainment and Self-Perfection yourself.

Fear is a great stumbling-block in the way. Fight it down. Starve it out. Be earnest. Be thorough. Live your life silently and earnestly. Give others a helping hand whenever you can without that patronising air of superiority so characteristic of the modern snobs passing for “gentlemen.” Be proud that you are an “Indian.” Follow Indian ideals of greatness. Consider it a privilege to help deserving souls. We all need help, encouragement and guidance to some extent. Co-operation, interdependence are the basic foundations of human well-being. Be strong. Be manly. Be courageous. Be great and good. Take your place in the world’s evolutionary progress and lend your hand in turning the wheel of life. In the same measure that you help others, shall you yourself be helped on all planes of life. Be reasonable. Be just and fair unto others. Be a source of blessing unto others. So long as you labour under the vitiating influence of negative thoughts, you cannot achieve much in any direction. I have told you “how” you are to proceed.
May God bless you. May he guide, help and strengthen where I have failed.