Directions for development and use

A number of interesting experiments along the lines of Human Magnetism may be tried. If you have a number of friends interested in this subject you may try this experiment: Let a party sit around in a circle, holding hands, and all concentrate their minds on the common purpose of sending a Pranic current, or current of magnetism, around the circle. There must be a common understanding of the direction, else some will be sending in one direction and some in another, and the benefit of cooperation will be lost.

A good plan is to send the current in the direction of the movement of the hands of a watch around its face, that is, pick out some person to represent the figure XII, and then start the current moving in the direction of “right” from that person. If the party is harmonious, and the condi tions are favorable, they will soon feel a faint tingling like a weak current of electricity moving through them.

This practice, if moderately indulged in, will prove invigorating to all concerned in it, but we would not advise that the sittings be continued too long, as it might produce a sufficiently strong current that might be conducive to the production of psychic phenomena, which should not be too freely indulged in by those who are not familiar with the laws of psychic phenomena. We do not approve of indiscriminate, and unintelligent production of phenomena of this sort. One should learn something of the laws, before he attempts to produce phenomena.

Our little book, “Science of Breath,” gives in condensed form, a number of methods of using Pranic force, or Human Magnetism, and we refer the student to that book, after he has finished this lesson. All of our publications dovetail one into the other, and as each one is read others become plainer. Of necessity, we must condense our information, and must trust to a careful reading of all the lessons on the part of our students, in order that they may obtain the best results.

In order not to go over the same ground twice we must refer the student to “Science of Breath” for directions and exercises calculated to increase the absorption of Prana, and also for directions regarding its distribution. Chapter XIV, of “Science of Breath,” gives you some valuable information along these lines. In this chapter, paragraph 2 furnishes a fine exercise for the increased absorption of Prana, and its distribution to all parts of the body, strengthening and invigorating all the cells, organs and parts of the body.

This exercise will seem doubly valuable to you now that we have gone a little deeper into the subject of Prana or magnetism. Paragraph 3, of the same chapter, instructs you how to inhibit pain by the direction of Prana. Paragraph 4 instructs you in the directing of the circulation. Paragraph 5 gives you information on Self Healing, and Paragraph 6 gives you a short course on Healing of Others, which if followed carefully by you will make you a good “magnetic healer.” Paragraph 7 instructs you in Distant Healing.

The next chapter, Chapter XV, gives you information regarding thought projection by means of sending distant thoughts charged with Prana; directions for forming a Protective Aura, which will enable you to resist the thoughts and Prana of others, if desired – this information is especially valuable, and we urge upon the student that he acquire this practice of forming a Protective Aura, as he will find it of use to him many times. Our Fifth Lesson also contains directions for the same thing, going a little more into detail than does “Science of Breath.”

Chapter XV of “Science of Breath” also tells you how to Recharge yourself, and how to Recharge others, with Prana; also how to charge water, and quite a number of valuable exercises and directions for the use of Pranic force, or Human Mag netism; much of which has, so far as we know, never been printed before.

A casual reader of these concluding lines might very naturally suppose that we were trying to sell “Science of Breath” to our students, by reason of these constant references to it. We beg to inform such casual reader of a fact, which all our students realize, without being told, and that is, that nearly every student of this Class has read “Science of Breath,” generally before he has purchased this Course. Consequently, he is not a good subject for another sale of the same book, so we must be relieved of the suspicion of an inordinate desire to sell our books by means of praising them in our lessons.

Our real reason for this repeated allusion to “Science of Breath” is that we have noticed that the average student, even though he had reread the little book several times, does not begin to realize the large amount of information contained within its pages, until his attention is called to it. Then, we know that if he takes up the book, after our calling his attention to it, he will be able to understand this particular lesson much better by reason of the reference to the book. Likewise, he will understand the book better by reason of his having just read the lesson. We wish to keep hammering away at these ideas, until our students have firmly grasped them. These lessons are intended as lessons, not as mere interesting reading. They are intended to teach something – not merely to amuse our students.

So, if the student wishes to practice the workings of Pranic Energy or Human Magnetism, we cheerfully direct him to “Science of Breath,” in which he will find enough to keep him busy for a while.

In our Lesson VIII, on “Occult Therapeutics,” we will also give him some work to do, if he desires, with a few exercises new to him. As we have before said, these lessons must be read and reread, in connection with one another, as one lesson will throw light on another, and vice versa. They are all parts of the one thing – all stones going to build up the temple – each has its place, and each fits into the other.

To those among our students, who have not reached that state of perfect health which the Yogi Philosophy teaches is desirable, as it fits the body for use as a perfect instrument of the Ego – to those who are suffering from disease and ill health – we urge the practice of increasing the supply of Prana, by means of the breath, the food, and the fluids, as stated in this lesson, and in “Science of Breath.” A careful and constant practice of this absorption and storage of Prana will benefit every person, particularly those who are not in perfect health. Do not despise the body, as it is the Temple of the Living Spirit. Tend it well, and make a worthy instrument of it.