Distant healing

Distant healing, or “absent treatment,” is performed in precisely the same way as is the treatment when the patient is present.

We have given some directions regarding this form of treatment in Chapter XIV, “Science of Breath,” which, coupled with what we have just said in the last paragraph, should give an elementary working knowledge of the subject. Some healers form the picture of the patient sitting in front of them, and then proceed to give the treatment, just as if the patient were really present.

Others form the mental image of projecting the thought, picturing it as leaving their mind, and then traversing space entering the mind of the patient. Others merely sit in a passive, contemplative attitude and intently think of the patient, without regard to intervening space. Others prefer to have a handkerchief, or some other article belonging to the patient, in order to render more perfect the rapport conditions. Any, or all, of these methods are good, the temperament and inclinations of the person causing him to prefer some particular method. But the same principle underlies them all.

A little practice along the lines of the several forms of healing just mentioned, will give the student confidence, and ease in operating the healing power, until he will often radiate healing power without being fully conscious of it. If much healing work is done, and the heart of the healer is in his work, he soon gets so that he heals almost automatically and involuntarily when he comes into the presence of one who is suffering. The healer must, however, guard against depleting himself of Prana, and thus injuring his own health. He should study up the methods given by us, of recharging himself, and protecting himself against undue drains upon his vitality. And he should make haste slowly in these matters, remembering that forced growth is not desirable.

This lesson has not been written for the purpose of advising our students to become healers. They must use their own judgment and intuitions regarding that question. We have devoted the lesson to the subject, as it formed a part of the general subject which we are treating in this course, and it is important that they should know something of the principles underlying these several forms of healing. Let them analyze any form of treatment which they may witness or hear of, stripping it of all the fantastic theories which have been built around it, and they will be able to classify and study it without accepting the theory of the person making the cure.

Remember that all the cults and schools make cures, using the same principle, but attributing the result to widely differing theories and beliefs. For ourselves, we cling to the principles of “Hatha Yoga,” which teaches the doctrine of preserving health by right living and right thinking, and we regard all forms of healing as things made necessary only by Man’s ignorance and disobedience of Natural laws. But so long as man will not live and think properly, some forms of healing are necessary, and therefore the importance of their study. The advanced occultist regards the preservation of health as a more important thing for the race than the cure of disease, believing with the old adage, that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But so long as we may benefit our fellow men, it is well that we know something of the subject of Occult Therapeutics. It is one of Nature’s forces, and we should know how to use it.