Experimental healing

We find, to our satisfaction, that we will have sufficient space in which to give our students a few brief experiments in actual Occult Healing which they may practice. These experiments are given merely as examples, of course, and are not to be taken as being full instructions in the various forms of Occult Healing.

We will first take up a few experiments in Pranic Healing (or “Magnetic Healing,” if you prefer the term)

(I) Let the patient sit in a chair, you standing before him. Let your hands hang loosely by your sides, and then swing them loosely to and fro for a few seconds, until you feel a tingling sensation at the tips of your fingers. Then raise them to the level of the patient’s head, and sweep them slowly toward his feet, with your palms toward him with fingers outstretched, as if you were pouring force from your finger tips upon him. Then step back a foot and bring up your hands to the level of his head, being sure that your palms face each other in the upward movement, as, if you bring them up in the same position as you swept them down, you would draw back the magnetism you send toward him.

Then repeat several times. In sweeping downward, do not stiffen the muscles, but allow the arms and hands to be loose and relaxed. You may treat the affected parts of the body in a similar way, finishing the treatment by saturating the entire body with magnetism. After treating the affected parts, it will be better for you to flick the fingers away from your sides, as if you were throwing off drops of water which had adhered to your fingers. Otherwise you might absorb some of the patient’s conditions.

This treatment is very strengthening to the patient, and if frequently practiced will greatly benefit him. In case of chronic or long seated troubles, the trouble may often be “loosened up” by making “sideways” passes before the afflicted part, that is by standing before the patient with your hands together, palms touching, and then swinging the arms out sideways several times. This treatment should always be followed by the downward passes to equalize the circulation.

(II) In Chapter XIV, “Science of Breath,” we have given a number of valuable experiments in this form of healing, which we advise the student to study and practice, if he is interested in this phase of the subject.

(III) Headaches may be relieved by having the patient sit down in front of you, you standing back of his chair, and passing your hands, fingers down and spread open in double circles over the top of his head, not touching his head, however. After a few seconds you will actually feel the passage of the magnetism from your fingers, and the patient’s pain will be soothed.

(IV) Another good method of removing pain in the body is to stand before the patient, and present your palm to the affected part, at a distance of sev eral inches from the body. Hold the palm steady for a few seconds and then begin a slow rotary motion, round and round, over the seat of the pain. This is quite stimulating and tends to restore normal conditions.

(V) Point your forefinger toward the affected part a few inches away from the body, and keeping the finger steadily pointed move the hand around just as if you were boring a hole with the point of the finger. This will often start the circulation at the point affected, and bring about improved conditions.

(VI) Placing the hands on the head of the patient, over the temples and holding them for a time, has a good effect, and is a favorite form of treatment of this kind.

(VII) Stroking the patient’s body (over the clothing) has a tendency to stimulate and equalize the circulation, and to relieve congestion.

(VIII) Much of the value of Massage and similar forms of manipulative treatment, comes from the Prana which is projected from the healer into the patient, during the process of rubbing and manipulating. If the rubbing and manipulating is accompanied by the conscious desire of the healer to direct the flow of Prana into the patient a greatly increased flow is obtained. If the practice is accompanied with Rhythmic Breathing, as explained in “Science of Breath,” the effect is much better.

(IX) Breathing upon the affected part, is practiced by many races of people, and is often a potent means of conveying Prana to the affected part. This is often performed by placing a bit of cotton cloth between the flesh of the person and the healer, the breath heating up the cloth and adding the stimulation of warmth in addition to the other effects.