Future Time Clairvoyance

Time clairvoyance, so far as “seership” or the seeing into the future is concerned, is even still more difficult to explain. We shall not attempt it, except to say that in the astral light there are to be found faint and imperfect reflections, the workings of the great law of cause and effect, or rather of the shadows cast before the coming events.

Some few have the power of a closer viewpoint of the things causing these shadows or reflections, while more have a degree of psychic power enabling them to see with their astral vision these poor reflections, distorted and uncertain, by reason of the waves and ripples on the body of the lake of astral light.

There are higher planes of power whereby a few in each age have been able to see partially into the future, but such powers are far above the poor astral plane faculties, which although quite wonderful to the untrained occultist, are not so highly viewed by those who have progressed well along the path. We almost regret to be compelled to pass over this part of the subject in so few words, and with a mere hint of even the small particle of the truth vouchsafed to even the advanced seeker of the way. But we know full well that all will receive the light needed by them, just the moment they are ready – not one moment later – not one moment sooner. All that can be done is for us to drop a word here – a hint there a planting of the seed. May the harvest come soon and be a rich one.


Clairaudience is the hearing on the astral plane by means of the astral senses. Nearly all that we have said about Clairvoyance is equally true of Clairaudience, the only difference being. that a different astral organ is used.

Simple clairaudience is similar to past time clairvoyance; even future time clairvoyance has a shadow of a resemblance in clairaudient phenomena; the only difference between the two astral manifestations is that they are experienced through two different astral senses. Some clairvoyants are also clairaudients, while others lack the latter power. On the other hand, some hear clairaudiently but are unable to see the astral light. On the whole, clairaudience is a somewhat rarer manifestation than is clairvoyance.


Just as we may sometimes recall an apparently forgotten thing, by seeing something which is associated with that thing in our memory, so may we sometimes be able to open up the astral reflection of the akasic records of some particular scene or event by touching some material associated with the event or scene.

There seems to be almost an affinity between a bit of matter and the particular portion of the akasic records containing the past history of the thing in question. A bit of metal, or stone, or cloth, or hair will open up the psychic vision of the things previously associated with it in the past. Or, on the other hand, we may bring ourselves in rapport with persons now living, by means of a particle of their clothing, hair, or articles formerly carried by them, the rapport condition thus established enabling us to more easily set up the “astral tube.”

Psychometry is merely one or more forms of clairvoyance, brought into operation by means of some connecting link between persons or things, or some object connected with these persons or things. It is not a distinct class of psychic phenomena, but is merely a variation of the other classes, sometimes combining several classes of clairvoyance in its manifestation.