Health Aura

The grossest form of the human Aura is, of course, that emanating from the physical body. This is sometimes spoken of as the “Health Aura,” as it is a sure indication of the state of the physical health of the person from whose body it radiates.

Like all other forms of the Aura, it extends from the body to a distance of two to three feet, depending upon certain circumstances which need not be mentioned at this place. Like all other forms of the Aura, it is oval or egg-shaped. (This shape common to the several manifestations of the Aura has caused some writers to refer to it as the “Auric Egg.”)

The physical Aura is practically colorless (or possibly almost a bluish-white, resembling the color of clear water), but possessing a peculiar feature not possessed by the other manifestations of Aura, inasmuch as to the psychic vision it appears to be “streaked” by numerous fine lines extending like stiff bristles from the body outward. In normal health and vitality these “bristles” stand out stiffly, while in cases of impaired vitality or poor health they droop like the soft hair on an animal, and in some cases present the appearance of a ruffled coat of hair, the several “hairs” standing out in all directions, tangled, twisted, and curled.

This phenomenon is occasioned by the current of prana energizing the body to a greater or lesser extent, the healthy body having the normal supply of prana, while the diseased or weak body suffers from an insufficient supply. This physical Aura is seen by many having a very limited degree of psychic sight and to whom the higher forms of Aura are invisible. To the devel oped psychic it is sometimes difficult to distinguish, owing to its being obscured by the colors in the higher forms of Aura, the psychic, in order to observe it, being compelled to inhibit the impressions of the higher forms of Aura and to admit only the vibration of the particular form of Aura which he wishes to observe. Particles detached from the physical Aura remain around the spot or place where the person has been, and a strongly developed sense found in dogs and other animals enables them to follow up the “scent” of the person or animal they are tracking.

The Aura emanating from the second principle, or Astral Body, is, like the principle itself, of a vaporlike appearance and color, having a resemblance to steam just before it dissolves and disappears from sight. It is difficult to distinguish when it is intermingled with the other forms of Aura, but when the astral body is seen apart from the physical body its Aura may be perceived, particularly if the observer is not open to the vibrations from the principles sending forth Auras of various colors.

Those of our readers who have ever seen an astral form, or what is commonly called a “ghost’ of high or low degree, will probably remember having seen a cloudy eggshape vapor surrounding the more distinct figure of the astral form. This faint, vapor-like, oval cloud was the astral Aura. It, of course, becomes visible to one to whom an astral form “materializes.”