Mantram and Meditation – Thought

The mantram for the month is: “Thought is a Living Force. I will use it wisely and well!”

Our subject for Meditation this month is our responsibility in the matter of adding to the world’s thought. When we think that we are constantly adding to the supply of the world’s thought, and also realize the enormous quantity of undeveloped thought which is being poured out from the minds of persons of a low order of development, we are led to a realization of our duty in the matter of helping to elevate and purify the volume of thought.

We should guard ourselves against indulging in unworthy thoughts, and should try to radiate thoughts of help, comfort, cheer, and uplifting to our fellow – beings. Each of us can do his share of this work, and the help of each is needed. Send out thought-forms of help and love to your brothers and sisters – both in general and in particular. If you know of a struggling soul, send to it thoughts of comfort and encouragement.

If you know of any in distress, send them thoughts of strength and help. Send forth your best helpful thought to the world. It may reach some fellow – being at a critical moment. When in distress yourself, there is no better way of receiving the help of strong thought of others than to send forth hopeful thoughts to others who may be likewise distressed. We can help each other in this way, and will thus open up channels of communication which will be helpful to all. Misuse not the power of thought. Let this be your rule and standard; Send no thought to another that you would not care to attract to yourself.

Peace be with you.