Mantram and Meditation

“I am passing through this stage of existence making the best use of Head, Heart and Hand.”
Each one of us here has his own work to do. We are here for a purpose, and until we fall in with the law and work out the tasks set before us, we will have these tasks constantly and repeatedly put before us until they are accomplished.

The purpose of the accomplishment of these tasks is experience and growth, and, unpleasant as our tasks may seem, they have a most direct bearing upon our future growth and life. When we fall in with the workings of the law, and see and feel what is behind it, we cease to rebel and beat our heads against the wall. In opening up ourselves to the workings of the Spirit and being willing to work out our own salvation and accomplish our world’s tasks, we really take the first step toward emancipation from the unpleasant tasks.

When we cease to allow our work to be unpleasant to us, we find ourselves working into better things, as the lesson has been learned. Each person has placed before him just the work in the world best suited to his growth at that particular time – his wants have been consulted, and just the right thing allotted to him. There is no chance about this – it is the inexorable workings of the great law. And the only true philosophy consists in making up one’s mind to do the work set before him to the best of his ability. As long as he shirks it, he will be kept to the task – when he begins to take a pleasure in doing it right, other things open up before him. To hate and fear a thing is to tie that thing to you. When you see it in its right relation – after your spiritual eyes are opened – then you begin to be freed from it.

And in going through Life – in doing our work in the world we must make the best possible use of the three great gifts of the Spirit – the Head; the Heart; and the Hand. The Head (representing the intellectual part of our nature) must be given the opportunity to grow – it must be furnished the food upon which it thrives – it must not be cramped and starved – it must be used, as exercise strengthens and develops it. We must develop our minds, and not be afraid of thinking thoughts. The Mind must be kept free. The Heart (representing the love nature in its best sense) must be employed and must not be starved, chained or chided. We are not speaking of the lower forms of animal passion, miscalled Love, but of that higher thing belonging to the human race, which is a promise of greater things to come in the evolution of the race.

It is that which begets sympathy, compassion, tenderness and kindness. It must not be allowed to sink to maudlin sentiment, but must be used in connection with the Head. It must reach out to embrace all Life in its enfolding embrace, and to feel that sense of kinship with all living things, which marks the man or woman of spiritual development. The Hand (representing the manifestation of physical creation and work) must be trained to do the work set before it the best it knows how. It must learn to do things well, and to feel that all work is noble and not degrading. It is the symbol of physical creation, and must be respected and honored. The man or woman of spiritual development goes through the world making the best use of Head, Heart and Hand.