Meditation Exercise – flashes of Soul-Consciousness

Retire into the SILENCE. Shut off all thoughts and purposes relating to the external world. Try to realise that you, the Real Ego are not the body but that it is a mere garment you have put on for functioning on the physical plane and which you shall put off some day. Try to realise that you are immortal and that although a thousand bodies might come and go, you, the Ego, shall be as alive as ever. These are your shadows–your personalities.

What dies and is born is a mirage–a mere phantasm–which you materialise for certain purposes. All these purposes centralise in one POTENTIALISED PURPOSE–the conquest of matter. Realise that you the Ego, have your dwelling in Supernal Regions–on the spiritual plane–with your Father-in-Heaven–but that you have come down into matter that you may find the fullest possible objective expression. Realise that you, the Ego, are a differentiated centre of consciousness in the Great Consciousness–THE ABSOLUTE–EGO–SUM of the entire Universe with all its gross and subtle manifestations–that you are endowed with all the powers and attributes of the Absolute Self.

Realise that you are not the emotional and passional manifestations–surging up in your personality. These are subject to the law of Flux and Rhythm and must be brought under the control of Reason and Will–the balancing, equating principle of mind. Realise that you are not the mind nor the intellect, but that you exercise this function in order to analyse the external manifestations of nature and study same. Realise that you are pure Consciousness, Bliss and Existence in your essential nature–on with the all-life.

Realise that the form side of manifestation is but a concentration, a precipitation within you. Your subjective nature is one with the subjective self of others–an inlet for the influx and efflux of the GREAT SUB-CONSCIOUS. Realise thus your Unity with All-Life-manifesting objectively as Universal Brotherhood of all living beings and the perfect recognition of the All-Father-Mother, the Great Cosmic Power and Intelligence known as God whose intelligence all-blissfulness and existence are ever pouring into each Unit of Individualised Divine Energy and evolving through nature. And, student, when you meditate daily that you are neither the body nor the emotions nor the mind, you shall then unfold the consciousness of the “I am I” that which rules the personality that which has been called Soul-Consciousness. You shall then be Chaitanya-Spiritually awake. You shall then know no Fear.

Fear shall drop away like a worn-out sheath. All fear-thoughts are due to undeveloped race-consciousness which reacts upon individual consciousness and is stamped more or less upon every atom of matter. You ‘fear’ because you think you are the body. When you realise that you can command as many bodies for your use as you like; when you realise in your heart of hearts that you are a Spiritual Being expressing and energising through material personalities; when you realise that you cannot die, fear shall be afraid of you and drop tormenting and teasing you.

Fear resides in the matter-fed mind–that mind which has been grown and matured by the reception and re-action upon external sensations and stimuli–what has been called the objective mind. This mind identifies itself with the form, the body. It has an incorrigible determination towards the form-side, the concrete-side of existence. It sees nothing but the body and is darkened by the forces of »Maya«. It sees nothing but separation. Yes, it is the matter-fed mind. People with a development of this side of consciousness are invariably selfish; have generally small, conical eyes, understand nothing, but the welfare of the body. They are subject to the fear and the delight in making others fear them. This mind needs illumination from the soul, the Subjective Man, the “I am I” side of consciousness. It is not that you are a body and have a soul–this is the dirty conviction of the matter-fed mind–but you are a soul and have a body.

The dawn of Soul-Consciousness makes a man a Force for good. He himself is Fearless. His is the voice of strength that does not crush and dominate but that puts warmth, life, energy, hope and indomitable courage into cold and despairing hearts. Some are born with this Soul-Consciousness. Do not think that I am feeding with the theories of eccentricity. Often when a boy playing with others the thought would strike me hard, “Are you the same that is running and jumping and shouting.” I would stop, looking blankly ahead. A feeling of confusion would come over me and I would forget everything. I could recall the feeling distinctly and vividly. Now I understand.

These were flashes of Soul-Consciousness unfolded in a past life and struggling for “recognition” in this life. Such men face DEATH for themselves calmly. They know they can’t die. Such men are incapable of sustained hatred. They too have their physiognomical signs and distinctions. They represent an advanced order of intellect. And, lastly, when the full blaze of realisation comes, your one object in life shall be to bestow your sense of freedom on others. You shall not be able to mock and smile calmly at the pain, the ignorance to imperfections of your brother-man. You shall realise what it is to ‘feel’ for humanity, yea, even for animals. You shall glimpse, in some measures, the great feeling of pain that rent the hearts of the Buddas, the Christs, the Ramakrishnas, the Vivekanandas of this world. They suffered, they felt for humanity. And when undeveloped humanity forced them to the Cross; they bore it in the same spirit in which the gentle nurse bears the blows and abuses of the disease-racked patient. “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Verily to know all is to forgive all. This Soul-Consciousness is as much yours as that of anyone. It comes through meditation on the Infinite, and the Formless Absolute–the Over-soul of the universe–the Brahman of the Vedanta–the Self of the philosophers–the Atman of the Yogis–the personal–impersonal God of the devotee–and, last, but not least, the humanity of the humanitarian.