Meditation on Shri Krishna

If you would practice this form of meditation, sit quietly in your usual place and let your thoughts and feelings simmer down until your mind dwells peacefully upon the thought of the great teacher.

Now imagine in the region of your own heart a rosebud or a lotus bud. Let your mind look at it peacefully, as it droops upon its stem. Gradually, while you pronounce the word Klim with intent, longing for the presence of the divine, raise up the flower now blossoming, and see, sitting on that twelve-petalled throne, the divine form of Shri Krishna, the cloud-coloured youth with lotus eyes, wearing the garland of the worlds, sitting at the root of the tree of life, his raiment shining with the splendor of lightning.

And as you bow before him, saying Krishnaya, offer your devotion to him. And as you say Govindaya, see him raise his hand with the sign of wisdom in blessing. And as you repeat Gopi-jana Vallabhaya, let the power of love irradiate you. And as you utter Swaha, expand your thought to include all life with you in your worship. Repeat several times the mantra of Shri Krishna, contemplating the divine form in the flower of your heart.