Mental Healing

Mental Healing covers a great deal of ground, and has a number of apparently differing forms. There is a form of Self-Healing which consists of the repetitions of affirmations, or auto-suggestions, by the patient, which tends to create a more cheerful and uplifting mental attitude, which reacts upon the body and enables it to function properly.

We would say right here that the principal benefit derived from this and kindred forms of healing lies in the fact that it compels the patient to “let go” of adverse thoughts which have prevented Nature from doing its work, rather than in any special virtue of the affirmations. We have been refusing to let the Divine Life Principle work freely through us, and have hampered it with adverse auto-suggestion. When we change our mental attitude we cease to interpose this obstacle, and Nature soon reasserts herself. Vigorous auto-suggestion, of course, stimulates the system and spurs up the Instinctive Mind to its work. In the form of mental treatment known as “Suggestion” the same principle operates.

The mind of the patient is relieved of adverse auto-suggestions by the positive suggestions of the healer, and the brake is taken off of the Instinctive Mind and Nature soon reasserts herself, and a sufficient supply of Prana is sent to the parts and soon a normal condition of affairs is reestablished. In Suggestive Treatment the healer usually, although often unconsciously, sends forth to the patient a supply of his own Prana which stimulates the parts to action and which renders easier the efforts of the patient’s mind to reestablish normal Pranic conditions. In what is ordinarily known as “Mental Healing” there is generally a considerable amount of suggestion used, although the healer may not be aware of it.

The mental attitude of the healer is impressed upon the patient by the attitude, words, tone, and demeanor of the healer, and the mind taking upon the suggestion is benefited thereby. But, besides this, the healer is pouring into the minds of the patient a strong current of uplifting, strengthening, and invigorating thought, which the patient receives telepathically, particularly as a receptive mental attitude is manifested.

The joining together of the two minds in a common purpose produces a greatly increased directive force, and besides the mind of the patient being turned away from negative thoughts, a greater supply of Prana is absorbed and distributed through the body. The best form of Mental Treatment benefits both the mind and the body of the patient. What is known as “Absent Mental Treatment” acts along precisely the same lines as the above mentioned form of Mental Treatment – the distance between patient and healer proving no obstacle to a strong healing thought.

In both cases the healer often creates a powerful thought form, fully charged with Prana, which often produces an almost immediate effect upon the patient, the parts being greatly stimulated and strengthened. Instantaneous cures have often been made in this way, although comparatively few healers are sufficiently advanced to send thought forms of this kind. A very powerful mental healer may be able to send a thought so highly charged with Prana, and so full of vital force and life, that a diseased organ may be filled with such recuperative force that it will begin instantly to cast off the waste and diseased matter and draw from the blood the elements necessary to rebuild and repair itself in a comparatively short space of time, in which case when the organism of the individual once reestablishes normal functioning the system is able to carry on the work without further help from outside.

All forms of Mental Healing come under one or more of the above heads. Remember, now, the important point is to get the mind of the patient into the proper mental attitude, casting out all forms of adverse auto-suggestion, so that it will allow Nature to do its work properly without interference. In the process of accomplishing this result, the patient may be aided (as above explained) by strong thought directed to the afflicted part, and also by sending a supply of Prana from the healer to stimulate the part and thus render easier the healing work of the mind.