Past Time Clairvoyance

Time clairvoyance, so far as regards the sensing of past events, is not a rare faculty among advanced occultists – in fact, it may be termed a common one among such people. And the same faculty, imperfectly manifested, is found among many ordinary psychics who are not acquainted with the nature of their power.

Among this last mentioned class of people time clairvoyance is more or less unsatisfactory because imperfect and misleading, from causes which will be seen presently.

The statement that one may see past events and scenes, even by astral vision, will readily be seen to require an entirely different explanation from that given of simple and space clairvoyance, for in the latter cases the clairvoyant sees that which is actually occurring somewhere at the time it is seen, or at least, a few seconds previous, whereas, in the latter case, the clairvoyant sees something which has occurred, perhaps ages ago, and after apparently all records of it have perished. Ah, that is just the explanation – “apparently perished.” Occultists know that nothing ever perishes, and that there are in existence on the higher planes of matter, imperishable and unalterable records of every scene, act, thought, and thing that ever existed or occurred.

These akasic records are not on the astral plane, but are on a plane far above it, but they are mirrored on the astral plane, just as the sky and clouds are reflected in the body of the lake, and the observer who cannot see the sky itself may see its counterpart in the water. And just as his vision may be distorted by the ripples and waves on the water, so may the astral vision of these records of the past become distorted and imperfect impressions by reason of the disturbances in the astral light.

Occultists for ages have used “water” as a symbol of the astral light do you see why? These akasic records contain the “memory” of all that has passed, and he who has access to them may read the past as he may a book. But only the most advanced intelligences have free access to these records – or rather have the power to read them. But many have acquired a greater or lesser degree of power, which enables them to read more or less plainly from the reflections of these records in the astral plane.

Those who have developed time clairvoyance are able to see these reflections of the records as scenes actually occurring before them, just as one hears from the phonograph the voices of people long since passed out of the body, and just as others may listen to our voices centuries hence. It is impossible to explain to beginners the nature of these records – we have no words to explain them even we who write these words have but a partial understanding of the inner mystery of the akasic records – then how may we make ourselves plain to those who are still further back on the path than we are?

We can think of but one illustration – and that an imperfect one. In the brain of every human being there are millions of cells, each containing the records of some past event or thought or action. We cannot find these records by the microscope, or by chemical test, and yet they are there, and may be used. The memory of every act, thought, and deed remains, during life, in the brain, although its owner may not always be able to call it up in recollection.

Can you grasp the idea of the akasic record from this illustration? In the great memory of the Universe are registered and stored away the records of all that has gone before – those who have access to the records may read – and those who are able to see even the astral reflection of the records, may read with greater or less accuracy and skill. This is the best we can offer you in the way of explaining an unexplainable matter. Those who are ready for the truth hidden in these words will see a glimpse of it; others must wait until they are ready.