Simple Clairvoyance

In order to intelligently understand the several forms of clairvoyant phenomena, more particularly those forms which manifest in what we will call “space clairvoyance,” i.e., the power to see things at great distances, we must accept as facts the occult teachings (which the latest discoveries of modern physical science are verifying) that all forms of matter are constantly throwing forth radiations in all directions.

These astral rays are many times more subtle and fine than ordinary light rays, but they travel in the same manner and are caught up and registered by the astral sense of sight just as are ordinary light rays by the physical organs of sight. Like ordinary light rays these astral light rays move on infinitely, and the highly developed and trained astral senses of the advanced occultist register impressions from distances incredible to the average reader who has not studied these matters.

These astral light rays penetrate and pass through solid material objects with comparatively no difficulty, and the densest bodies become almost transparent to the trained clairvoyant vision. In all of the several forms of clairvoyance herein noted, there are of course various degrees of clairvoyant power on the part of the clairvoyant. Some manifest extraordinary power, others average, and the majority possess only occasional and more or less rudimentary power of sensing on the astral plane. This is the case with simple clairvoyance as well as with the higher forms, which we will presently describe.

Accordingly, one may possess some of the characteristics of simple clairvoyance and lack the others. By simple clairvoyance we mean the power to receive astral impressions from near by, the clairvoyant not possessing the power to see distant things or to sense things occurring in the past or present. To the person possessing a full degree of simple clairvoyance there occurs the phenomenon of receiving astral light waves through solid objects. He literally, sees things “through a stone wall.”

Solid objects become semi-transparent, and he senses the vibrations passing through them just as the observer with the proper apparatus senses the X Rays which have passed through a solid object. He is able to observe things transpiring in an adjoining room, and behind closed doors. He may read the contents of sealed letters, by practice. He may see several yards into the earth beneath his feet, and observe the minerals which may be there. He may see through the body of a person near him, and may also observe the working of the internal organs, and distinguish the cause of physical ailments in many cases. He may see the aura of persons with whom he comes in contact, observing the auric colors and thus ascertaining the quality of thought emanating from their minds. He may, by clairaudient power, hear things which are being said beyond the range of ordinary hearing. He becomes sensitive to the thoughts of others, owing to the exercise of his astral telepathic powers, which are many times keener than his ordinary telepathic senses. He may see disembodied spirits and other astral forms, which will be explained in the lesson treating that subject. In short, a new world of impressions is opened out before him. In some rare cases persons possessing simple clairvoyance gradually develop the faculty of magnifying the size of small objects at will – that is, through their astral vision they are able to adjust the focus so as to bring the astral image of the object before them enlarged to any desired size, just as does the person using the microscope.

This faculty, how ever, is quite rare, and is seldom found to have been developed spontaneously – the faculty usually being possessed only by those of advanced and developed occult powers. A variation of this faculty will be noticed under the head of space clairvoyance, which we take up next.