Space Clairvoyance

There are several means whereby the psychic or developed occultist may perceive people, things, scenes and events far removed from the observer, and far beyond the range of the physical vision.

Two of these means will come under the head of this lesson, the other methods belonging to the higher planes of life, and being beyond the power of any but the adepts and most advanced occultists. The two methods alluded to come, strictly speaking, under the head of space clairvoyance on the astral plane, and therefore form a part of this lesson. The first of these methods consists of what we have described as simple clairvoyance, on an increased scale, by reason of the development of the faculty of focusing upon far distant objects and bringing them to view by means of what occultists know as “the astral tube,” which will be described in the following paragraphs. The second method consists in projecting the astral body, consciously or unconsciously, and practically observing the scene on the spot, through the astral vision.

This method will also be de scribed a little later on in this lesson. We have described the astral light rays emanating from all objects by means of which the astral vision becomes possible. And under the head of simple clairvoyance we have told you how the clairvoyant may observe nearby objects through his astral vision, just as he may through his physical sight, the astral light rays being used in the one case, just as are the ordinary light rays in the other.

But just as one is unable to perceive a far removed object through his ordinary physical vision, although the light rays are not interrupted, so is the simple clairvoyant unable to “see” far removed objects by means of his astral vision, although the astral light rays are uninterrupted. On the physical plane, man, in order to see things beyond his normal vision, must make use of the telescope. Likewise, on the astral plane, he must call into operation some assistance to the simple astral vision, in order to receive a clear impression of things far off.

This assistance, however, comes from within his own astral organism, and consists of a peculiar astral faculty which acts as the lens of a telescope and magnifies the rays received from afar, rendering them sufficiently large to be distinguished by the mind. This power is “telescopic” in effect, although it is really by a variation of that “miscroscopic” faculty noted under the head of simple clairvoyance. This telescopic faculty varies very much in psychics, some being able to see but a few miles, while others receive impressions just as easily from all parts of the earth, and a few have been able to occasionally perceive scenes on other planets.

This telescopic astral vision is usually operated in connection with what occultists have called the “astral telescope,” which is akin to the “astral telegraph,” “astral current,” etc., all of which are but variations of the “astral tube.” The astral tube is caused by the forming of a thought current on the astral plane (held together by a strong supply of prana projected along with the thought), which current renders far easier the passage of astral vibrations of all kinds, whether they be telepathic thought-vibrations, astral light-vibrations, or astral sound vibrations. It is the bringing of the observer and the observed – the projector and the recipient – or the two persons in harmony – into a closer condition of rapport. The astral tube is the means whereby quite a variety of psychic phenomena is made possible.

In the case of astral telescopic vision, or “space clairvoyance,” the clairvoyant, either consciously or unconsciously, sets up an astral tube connecting him with the distant scene. The astral light-vibrations reach him more easily by this method, and the outside impressions are inhibited or shut out, so that the mind receives only the impressions from the point focused upon. These impressions reach the clairvoyant, and are magnified by his “telescopic” faculty and are then plainly perceived by his astral vision. This “telescopic” faculty, remember, acts merely as the lens through which the astral light rays pass, and by which they are magnified to a size sufficiently large to be distinguished by the astral vision, just as the ordinary light rays are magnified for the ordinary vision by the lens of the telescope. The analogy is a very close one, and will help you to form a clear mental idea of the process.

The “astral tube” is usually formed by the will of the clairvoyant, or by his strong desire, which has almost as much force. At times, however, the conditions being favorable, any idle thought may cause the erection of the astral circuit and the clairvoyant will see scenes unthought of, or even unknown to him. The idle thought may have formed a connection with other psychic currents, or have been attracted in certain directions by any of a thousand and one psychic causes under the law of attraction and association; but the will of the operator is usually sufficient to shut out the careless adjustments and to establish a speedy connection with the desired person or place.

Many persons have this faculty well under control; others find it coming and going spontaneously; others are devoid of it except under mesmeric influence, etc. Many have found the crystal ball, or similar object, an easy means of creating the astral tube, the crystal being used as a sort of starting point. Crystal-gazing is merely space clairvoyance by use of the astral tube, the scenes perceived by the observer being seen by this means. We have space merely to state the general principles of this great subject, in order to give the student an intelligent idea of the several forms of psychic phenomena.

We regret that we have not the opportunity to relate the interesting instances of clairvoyant power which have been recorded by eminent writers on this subject, and which are well attested from a scientific point of view. However, we are not starting to prove the existence of clairvoyance to you – we must assume that you know it to be a fact, or at least not antagonistic to the idea. Our space must be devoted to a brief description and explanation of this phenomena, rather than to any attempt to prove its reality to sceptics. It is a matter which, after all, every man must prove to his own satisfaction by his own experience, and which no outside proof will establish.

The second method of seeing things far removed from us by space, consists in the projecting of the astral body, consciously or unconsciously, and practically observing the scene on the spot, by means of the astral vision. This is a more difficult and rarer method than the ordinary “astral tube” method, just described, although many persons travel in the astral and perceive scenes which they think are seen in a dream or “in the mind’s eye.”

We have described the astral body in a previous lesson. It is possible for one to project their astral body, or travel in their astral body, to any point within the limits of this planet, although very few people are conscious of their ability to so travel, and considerable practice and caution is necessary for the beginner. Once on the spot the astral traveler may see what is going on around him, and is not confined to the small scene to which the psychic using the “astral tube” is restricted. His astral body follows his desires or will, and goes where it is ordered.

The trained occultist merely wishes to be at a certain place, and his astral travels there with the rapidity of light, or even more rapidly. Of course, the untrained occultist has no such degree of control over his astral body, and is more or less clumsy in his management of it. People often travel in their astral body in their sleep; a smaller number travel unconsciously in their waking moments, and a few have acquired the knowledge enabling them to travel consciously and at will in their waking moments. The astral body is always connected with the physical body by a thin, silk-like, astral thread, and the communication between the two is maintained.

We will have more to say on the subject of the astral body in our Tenth Lesson, which treats of the Astral Plane. We merely allude to it here, in order to explain that what is called clairvoyance is sometimes accomplished by its aid, although it is a higher form of psychic power than the other forms of clairvoyance mentioned by us so far.