Svadhisthana is a six-petalled lotus at the base of the sexual organ, above muladhara and below the navel. Its pericarp is red, and its petals are like lightning.

“Water” evolved from “fire” is the Tattva of this cakra. The varnas on the petals are “bam”, “bham”, “mam”, “yam”, “ram”, and “lam”. In the six petals are also the vrttis (states, qualities, functions or inclinations) – namely, prasraya (credulity) a-visvasa (suspicion, mistrust), avajna (disdain), murchcha (delusion, or, as some say, disinclination), sarva-nasa (false knowledge), (1) and krurata (pitilessness).

Within a semicircular space in the pericarp are the Devata, the dark blue Mahavisnu, Mahalaksmi, and Saraswati. In front is the blue four-handed Rakini Sakti, and the bija of Varuna, Lord of water or “vam”. Inside the bija there is the region of Varuna, of the shape of an half-moon, and in it is Varuna himself seated on a white alligator (makara).

1. Lit. “destruction of everything,” which false knowledge leads to.