The Grand Yogi Psychic Breath

The Yogis have a favourite form of psychic breathing which they practice occasionally, to which has been given a Sanscrit term of which the above is a general equivalent.

We have given it last, as it requires practice on the part of the student in the line of rhythmic breathing and mental imagery, which he has now acquired by means of the preceding exercises. The general principles of the Grand Breath may be summed up in the old Hindu saying ” Blessed is the Yogi who can breathe through his bones.” This exercise will fill the entire system with prana, and the student will emerge from it with every bone, muscle, nerve, cell, tissue, organ and part energized and attuned by the prana and the rhythm of the breath. It is a general housecleaning of the system, and he who practices it carefully will feel as if he had been given a new body, freshly created, from the crown of his head to the tips of his toes. We will let the exercise speak for itself.

1. Lie in a relaxed position, at perfect ease.
2. Breathe rhythmically until the rhythm is perfectly established.
3. Then, inhaling and exhaling, form the mental image of the breath being drawn up through the bones of the legs, and then forced out through them; then through the bones of the arms; then through the top of the skull; then through the stomach; then through the reproductive region; then as if it were travelling upward and downward along the spinal column; and then as if the breath were being inhaled and exhaled through every pore of the skin, the whole body being filled with prana and life.
4. Then (breathing rhythmically) send the current of prana to the Seven Vital Centres, in turn, as follows, using the mental picture as in previous exercises

a. To the forehead.
b. To the back of the head.
c. To the base of the brain.
d. To the Solar Plexus.
e. To the Sacral Region (lower part of the spine).
f. To the region of the navel.
g. To the reproductive region.

Finish by sweeping the current of prana, to and fro from head to feet several times.
5. Finish with Cleansing Breath..