The Human Aura

In our previous three lessons we called your attention briefly, in turn, to the Seven Principles of Man. The subject of the Constitution of Man, however, is incomplete without a reference to what occultists know as the Human Aura.

This forms a most interesting part of the occult teachings, and reference to it is to be found in the occult writings and traditions of all races. Considerable misapprehension and confusion regarding the Human Aura have arisen, and the truth has been obscured by the various speculations and theories of some of the writers on the subject.

This is not to be wondered at when we remember that the Aura is visible only to those of highly developed psychic power. Some possessing inferior sight, which has enabled them to see only certain of the grosser manifestations of the emanation constituting the Aura, have thought and taught that what they saw was all that could be seen; while the real truth is, that such people have seen but a part of the whole thing, the remainder being reserved for those of higher development.

Some teachers of late years have taught that the Aura was really the several principles of man, projecting beyond the space occupied by his physical body; but this is only true in the same sense that the light of the sun is a part of the sun – the rays of the electric light a part of the light – the heat radiating from a stove the heat contained within the stove – the odor of a flower the flower itself. The Aura is really an emanation of one or more of the seven principles of man – radiations sent forth from the principle itself – and not, strictly speaking, a part of the principle, except in the sense above referred to.

Each of the seven principles of which man is composed radiates energy which is visible to the developed psychic senses of certain of our race. This radiated energy is akin to the radiations known as the “X-Ray,” and like them is invisible to the human eye unless aided by something which the human eye does not ordinarily possess. Some of the grosser forms of the Aura are visible to those possessing a comparatively undeveloped grade of psychic power, while the higher forms become visible only as the psychic faculties develop in power.

There are but comparatively few in the flesh today who have ever seen the Aura emanating from the sixth principle, the Spiritual Mind. And the Aura of the seventh principle, the Spirit, is visible only to those beings far higher in the scale than the human race as we know it. The Aura emanating from the lower five principles is seen by many of us who have developed psychic power, our clearness of vision and range of sight being determined by the particular state of development we have reached.

We will try to give our students a general idea of the Human Aura and a hasty outline of that which pertains to it in this lesson, but it will readily be seen that the subject is one that could not be exhausted in a volume of considerable size. It is a difficult matter to condense information of this nature, but we trust to be able to convey a fairly clear impression of the subject to those of our students who will follow us closely. As we have already stated, each principle radiates energy which, combining, constitutes what is known as the Human Aura.

The Aura of each principle, if the other principles be removed, would occupy the same space as that filled by the Aura of all or any of the other principles. In other words, the several Auras of the different principles interpenetrate each other, and, being of different rates of vibration, do not interfere one with the other. When we speak of The Aura, we mean the entire Aura of the man, visible to one of psychic sight. When we speak of the Aura emanating from any particular principle, we distinctly refer to the principle.