The Mantram for the month is “I AM.”

When you say “I AM” you assert the reality of your existence, not the mere reality of the physical existence which is but temporary and relative, but your real existence in the Spirit, which is not temporary or relative, but is eternal and absolute. You are asserting the reality of the Ego – the “I” The real “I” is not the body, but is the Spirit principle which is manifesting in body and mind.

The real “I” is independent of the body, which is but a vehicle for its expression – it is indestructible and eternal. It cannot die nor become annihilated. It may change the form of its expression, or the vehicle of manifestation – but it is always the same “I”- a bit of the great ocean of Spirit – a spiritual atom manifesting in your present consciousness along the lines of spiritual unfoldment. Do not think of your soul as a thing apart from you, for YOU are the soul, and all the rest is transitory and changeable. Picture yourself in your mind as an entity apart from, and independent of, the body, which is but your shell – realize that it is possible for you to leave the body, and still be YOU. During a part of your period of meditation mentally ignore the body entirely, and you will find that you will gradually awaken to a sense of the independent existence of your soul – YOURSELF – and come to a consciousness of your real nature.

The student should endeavor to give a few moments each day to silent meditation, finding as quiet a place as possible, and then lying or sitting in an easy position, relaxing every muscle of the body and calming the mind. Then when the proper conditions are observed he will experience that peculiar sensation of calmness and quiet which will indicate that he is “entering the silence.” Then he should dwell upon the subject given for meditation, repeating the Mantram in order to impress the meaning upon his mind. At such times he will receive more or less inspiration from his Spiritual Mind, and will feel stronger and freer all day.

The Mantram for this month, if clearly understood and impressed upon the consciousness, will give to the student an air of quiet dignity and calm manifestation of power which will have its effect upon people with whom he comes in contact. It will surround him with a thought aura of strength and power. It will enable him to cast off fear and to look the world of men and women calmly in the eyes, knowing that he is an eternal soul, and that naught can really harm him. A full realization of “I AM” will cause fear to fade away, for why should the Spirit fear anything? – nothing can harm it. We urge the cultivation of this state of consciousness upon our students. It will lift you above the petty worries, hates, fears, and jealousies of the lower mental states, and will cause you to be men and women “of the Spirit” in reality. You will find that the result will be felt by those with whom you come in contact. There is an undefinable aura surrounding these people of the “I AM” consciousness which causes them to be respected by the world around them.