The Threefold Path of Yoga

Yoga is divided into several branches, ranging from that which teaches the control of the body, to that which teaches the highest spiritual development.

Men are of varying temperaments, and the course that which will best suit one will not be adapted to the requirements of another. One will seek progress and development in one direction, and another in a different way, and a third by a still different course. The Yogi Philosophy teaches that the way that seems to appeal the most to a man’s general temperament and disposition is the one best adapted to his use at the present time. They divide the Path of Attainment into three paths leading up to the great main road. They call these three paths:

1. Raja Yoga ;
2. Karma Yoga ;
3. Gnani Yoga;

Each of these forms of Yoga being a path leading to the Great Road, and each being traveled by those who may prefer it – but all lead to the same place. We will now give a brief description of each of the three paths, which together are known to the Yogis as “The Threefold Path.”