The Yogi Self-Developer

In lessons 1 and 2 we have initiated you into the mysteries of Will and Mind-Force, the governing principles of the Universe and the laws of their development. We have also taught you how to acquire absolute control over Body and Mind.

In these lessons we have striven to point out to you the right “Mental Attitude” towards your daily life, so that while mainly engaged in the task of Self-Culture you might also lend a hand in the great work of strengthening the race. Moreover our convictions, beliefs, and ideals are no mean, are insignificant factors in the determination of our health and environmental conditions. They react on our circumstances as well as on the WHOLE MAN.

We have also given you important points of instruction in Soul Unfoldment, Meditation, Bramhacharya, Breathing, Fasting, Health-Culture, Body building and shown you, as distinctly as we could, the exact process of developing a single virtue in your self thereby you may master the process and method of developing other virtues, the lines of action and thought being well nigh similar in all, and foculising at certain common points of primary importance. We have given the bare body of truth in connection with the development, evolution and unfoldment of the body and the soul, stripping of the metaphysical trappings and the theoretical draperies in which they are clothed. We have had to literally rend asunder the heavy wheel that had the divine face of truth. Hence our lessons are brief and to the point.

We have had to contend against and overcome another serious difficulty. Expressed in the matter of fact English language, these wondrous truths of mysticism cannot but lose the air of profound solemnity and sanctity that pervades the subject of Yoga in Sanskrit literature. The wise and thoughtful student and we certainly do not write for light-headed and non-serious people, will not let their apparent simplicity deceive him or throw him off his guard. Rather let him realise that these lessons can be pressed into service in all directions and in all spheres of life. Let him just put them into practice and he will at once see their practical bearing on his daily life.

These lessons do not go into the “WHAT” but point out the “HOW” of every thing. We leave every student to suit his individual case as to the intellectual side of the ETERNAL PROBLEM. In conclusion we have to say that this Course does not pretend to deal with the advanced stages of Yoga, much less exhaust them. But they will, positively and decidedly prepare him for those higher things by lifting the PALL OF DARKNESS from his mind.