Those for whom the Teachings are intended

Our books are intended only for those who feel an earnest attraction towards the higher teachings. They are for earnest students, inspired by the highest motives. Those for whom these teachings are intended will feel attracted to them. If you feel attracted toward these works, we will be glad to have you study them. If not we will feel just as kindly toward you, and will send you our best wishes for the hastening of the day when you will be ready for the advanced teachings.

The matter is one entirely for the guidance of your Higher Self-let it decide for you. To those to whom a glimpse of the Inner Life has been given, the Yogi Philosophy will prove a treasury of the rarest jewels, and each time he studies it he will see new gems. To many it will be the first revelation of that which they have been all their lives blindly seeking. To many it will be the first bit of spiritual bread given to satisfy the hunger of the soul. To many it will be the first cup of water from the spring of life, given to quench the thirst which has consumed them. Those for whom this teaching is intended will recognise its message, and after it they will never be the same as before it came to them.

As the poet has said “Where I pass all my children know me,” and so will the Children of the Light recognise the teaching as for them. As for the others, we can only say that they will in time be ready for this great message. Some will be able to understand much of the teaching from the first, while others will see but dimly even the first steps. The student, however, will find that when he has firmly planted his foot on one of these steps, he will find the one just ahead becoming dimly illuminated, so as to give him confidence to take the next step. Let none be discouraged: the fact that this teaching attracts you will in time unfold its meaning. Study it over and over often, and you will find veil after veil lifted, though veil upon veil still remains between you and That Beyond. Peace be to you.