Thought Absorption

i. Go away by yourself to some place where you will not be disturbed. Of course, not always and very rarely can you obtain this condition. Never mind. Do your best where you are and the great law will at least find for you all necessary conditions. Shut out all distracting conditions and impressions from the outer world. After a little effort you will be able to do so anywhere, at any time, and under any condition. All mental disturbance is within you.

ii. Now relax, go passive, and draw off all tension from your nerves. Just you relax your mind and your body will follow suit. A few deep slow breaths will help the beginner.

iii. Concentrate upon your mind inward steadily, calmly and with undivided attention.

iv. Fix your thought firmly upon your passive mind and mentally say, ‘You, my mind, are quite »pure«.’ Think of this word (with all the ideas associated therewith) as sinking deeply into your mind and making a deep impress upon it as a die upon a wax. Let the outward form of the words ‘pure,’ ‘fearless,’ etc., sink into your mind.

v. Form a mental picture of yourself as if you already possessed all ‘purity’ and ‘courage’ and act them out in imagination. Make of it a pleasant ‘day dream.’

vi. Intensify your relaxed condition of mind. Grow as ‘limp’ as a rag. Then mentally open yourself out to the inrush of all the Thought-Forces existing in the ether and connected with positive thoughts. The effort of this imagination to see this tremendous force pouring into your brain and body will actually put you »en rapport« with same.

vii. Now change from negative to a positive condition and say vigourously I am ‘»pure«’ and ‘»strong«’ Say it distinctly several times. Actually speak them out.

viii. Then go out and »live your thoughts out«. This last is the most important condition.

ix. Practise this daily at the same hour and if possible at the same place, morning and evening. In fact hold the thought in your mind as often as possible till it becomes second Nature.

x. Use your power for good or you shall weep eternally. To misuse occult powers for mean, selfish, or low ends and to prostitute it into enslaving others weaker than yourselves mentally and physically is the greatest ‘sin’ man can commit against man.