Thought Influences

Our strong desires create thought-forms which work toward the gratification of those desires, be they good or bad. We draw things toward us and are drawn toward things by these thought-forms. They become powerful helpers, and never sleep in their work.

Let us be careful how we send them forth. Send forth no strong thought-desire unless it meet with the approval of the Highest Self. Otherwise you will become enmeshed in the consequences arising from it, and will suffer much in learning the lesson that psychic powers must not be used for unworthy ends. You are punished by such things, not for them. Above all, never under any circumstances send forth a strong desire-thought to injure another, for there is but one consequence of such an act and the experience, will prove a bitter lesson.

Such a person is usually hanged on the gallows he builds for others. Evil thought projected against a pure mind will rebound at once to the sender, and will gather force from the impact. We must apologize to our students for laying so much stress on these matters, but as there is always the chance of lessons of this kind falling into the hands of those unprepared to receive them, it is necessary for the warning to accompany anything written on the subject, in order to prevent thoughtless persons using the information improperly and thereby injuring themselves as well as others. It is the “Danger” signal displayed for the careless or thoughtless.

Those who have made a study of the dynamics of thought are aware of the wonderful possibilities open for those who wish to take advantage of the stored-up thought which has emanated from the minds of thinkers in the past and present, and which is open to the demand and attraction of the one who may wish to use it and who knows how to avail himself of it.

There has been but little written on this phase of the subject, which fact is somewhat surprising when one considers the wonderful possibilities open to those who wish to take advantage of them. Much thought has been sent forth upon all subjects, and the man who is working along any line today may attract to himself most helpful thoughts relating to his favorite subject. In fact, some of the greatest inventions and most wonderful plans have come to some of the world’s great people in this way, although those to whom they came have not realized from whence their information originated. Many a man has been thinking intently upon a certain subject, and has thrown himself open to the outside thought influences which have rushed toward his receptive mind, and lo the desired plan – the missing link-came into the field of consciousness.

Unexpressed thought, originally sent out with considerable force of desire, constantly seeks for expression and outlet, and is easily drawn to the mind of one who will express it in action. That is to say, if an ingenious thinker evolves ideas which he, has not the energy or ability to express in action, to take advantage of, the strong thoughts on the subject which he throws off will for years after seek other minds as a channel of expression; and when such thoughts are attracted by a man of sufficient energy to manifest them, they will pour into his mind like a flood until he seems to be inspired.

If one is working upon some problem which baffles him, he will do well to assume a receptive attitude toward thoughts along the same line, and it is extremely likely that when he has almost ceased to think of the matter at all the solution will flash before him as if by magic. Some of the world’s greatest thinkers, writers, speakers, and inventors have experienced examples of this law of the thought world, although but few of them have realized the cause behind it. The astral world is full of excellent unexpressed thoughts waiting for the one who will express them and use them up. This is merely a hint of a great truth – let those make use of it who are ready for it.

In the same way one may draw to himself strong, helpful thoughts, which will aid him in overcoming fits of depression and discouragement. There is an immense amount of stored up energy in the thought world, and any one who needs it may draw to himself that which he requires. It is simply a matter of demanding your own. The world’s stored-up thought is yours – why do not you take it?