Uses and Properties of Human Magnetism

A person of strong concentration or trained powers of thought, also throws off a considerable amount of magnetism along with the thought-waves emanating from his brain. In fact, all thought waves are more or less charged with magnetism, but those of poor concentration and negative character throw off so little that we do not generally take it into consideration as compared to the heavily charged thought waves of the positive or developed person.

The great point of difference between the physical scientist and the occultist, is in the question of the possible transference of magnetism, or nervous force as the physical scientist calls it.

The physical scientist insists that although the nervous force undoubtedly exists and does all within the body that the occultist claims, yet it is confined to the nervous systems, and cannot traverse their limits. He consequently denies the existence of much of the phenomena incident to Human Magnetism, and considers the occult teachings as fit only for visionary and imaginative people: The occultist, on the other hand, knows by experience that this magnetism, or nervous force, can and repeatedly does traverse the boundaries of the nervous system, and is projected, at times, to distances far remote from the person in whose system it was stored up. The proof of this occult teaching is to be found by anyone who will experiment for himself, providing he will divest his mind of prejudice and will be willing to accept facts as they are presented to him.

Before proceeding further, we wish to again remind our students that this Human Magnetism is merely a manifestation or form of Prana, and that Prana is not made to order by people to supply their needs. When one increases the amount of magnetism, in his system, he does it not by making a fresh supply of it, but by drawing to himself an increased supply of Prana from the great source of supply, by breathing, eating, or drinking. The amount so absorbed or extracted from air, food, and fluid may be greatly increased by the mental desire, or will power, as we will presently see. There is a certain amount of Prana in existence this amount cannot be added to or diminished. It is unchangeable. It is Force.

In our Fifth Lesson, we told you that when a thought is sent forth with strength, it usually carries with it a considerable amount of Prana, or magnetism, which gives to it additional strength, and sometimes produces startling effects. This Prana, or magnetism, practically vitalizes the thought, and makes it almost a living force. All positive thought, good or bad, is more or less heavily charged with Prana or magnetism.

The man of strong will sending forth a vigorous, positive thought unconsciously (or consciously, if he understand the subject) sends with it a supply of Prana, or magnetism, proportioned to the force or energy with which the thought is propelled. A thought sent forth when one is laboring under a strong emotion is likewise heavily charged with magnetism. Thoughts, so charged, are often sent like a bullet to the mark, instead of drifting along slowly like an ordinary thought emanation. Some public speakers have acquired this art, and send forth their words with such force that one can fairly feel the impact of the thought. A strong, vigorous thinker, whose thoughts are heavily charged with Prana, will sometimes impart such vitality to his thoughts that they will live for a time as Thought Forms – that is to say, will possess such vitality, from the Prana with which they are charged, that they will become almost like living forces.

We may have something to say on this subject in our Lesson on the Astral World (Lesson X). Such Thought Forms, coming into one’s psychic atmosphere, possess almost the same degree of power that would be experienced were the person present in person talking to you. Read the Fifth Lesson, now that you have learned some little more about Prana, and you will get a clearer idea of Thought Forms.

Prana depends very considerably upon the desires and expectations of the person, both in the matter of his absorption and its projection with a thought wave. That is to say, that while every person absorbs more or less Prana every moment of his life, and this amount may be largely increased by following the Yogi teaching regarding breathing, eating and drinking, still the thought, or desire, or expectation of the person will greatly increase the amount of Prana absorbed. And, in like manner, will the desire or will of the person greatly multiply the force with which a thought is projected, as it largely increases the amount of Prana with which the thought is charged.

To speak more plainly: If one will form a mental image of the absorption of Prana, while breathing, eating or drinking, he will bring into operation certain occult laws which will tend to release a greater amount of Prana from its confining matter, and he will be greatly strengthened in consequence. Try the experiment of taking a few deep breaths, holding the mental image that you are absorbing a large amount of Prana with each inward breath, and you will feel an influx of new strength.

This is worth trying when you feel tired and exhausted. Likewise, drink slowly a cupful of water, forming the mental image that you are extracting from the water a great supply of Prana which is stored up in it, and you will experience a similar result. Likewise, in eating, if you will masticate your food slowly, holding the mental image that you are extracting the strength of the Prana in the food, you will receive a much greater per cent of nourishment and strength from the food than you would in the ordinary way. These things are all helpful – we hope that you will try them, and use them when you need them. Do not let the simplicity of these things cause you to undervalue them.

The same law causes a thought projected with the mental image that it is heavily charged with Prana, to attain a greater velocity and force than would an ordinary thought, and its potency will be greatly increased by this practice. But be careful not to send forth evil thoughts in this way. Read your lesson on “Thought Dynamics” (Fifth Lesson) carefully, and heed the warnings contained therein.