When you are in Training

Do not attempt to take all the above exercises at one and the same time. Take them several times in the day. Never exercise immediately after a meal or before it. Do not try to force development as you will be apt to suffer from re-action. Slow and steady wins the race. Gentle and persistent exercises are advisable. That will lead to permanent development.


It has been proved conclusively even on the physical plane that a “a Man thinketh in his heart so is he.” The great thing to avoid is Fear and Worry thoughts. These and all other undesirable thoughts are due to bad health partially but it is even a greater truth that physical degeneration is due to bad thinking. Fear affects the heart. During epidemics such as plague, cholera, etc., you generally first project the deadly germs of Fear-Thoughts upon yourself and thus by weakening your mind you weaken your body and expose yourself to disease influence. Again, if you have some hereditary disease and if you accept adverse suggestions from ignorant people and keep telling yourself that such and such a disease has taken shelter in you and your body as its “fixed abode” you simply hasten your own end.

The body and mind are interrelated. Thoughts materialize themselves in your body. You should get as far away from the idea of disease and old age and weaknesses as possible and hold the health-thoughts steadily before your mind. The only way in which to be quite immune from Disease is to Deny the Power of Disease on yourself. Say “I cannot be ill,” “I will not admit disease.” Health and strength are in the unyielding will. De-hypnotise yourself of that superstition that God sends disease. Your body is yours to control and keep healthy. God will give you–(He has already given you rather)–the Power to control your body. Remember always; you alone can save yourself.

All Power and Wisdom are potentially resident in you. Have confidence and set that thing in motion, exercise it constantly and persistently and it shall grow and unfold. God is in you and you are in God. When you pray you are simply, although often unconsciously, helping that Latent Power to uncoil itself. Remember again: God will grant you the opportunity, the means, the wisdom, the ability to accomplish a thing, but You Shall Have to do the work yourself. Hence, you see, the illumined mind is quite necessary for perfect health. Get rid of all weak thoughts. Have a strong mind.